Golf Digest – America’s Best 18 Holes Since 2000

Explore Brooksville Country Club’s recognition in Golf Digest’s prestigious list of America’s Best 18 Holes. Our meticulously designed courses have garnered acclaim for their quality, challenge, and breathtaking views, making them a must-play destination for golf enthusiasts.

Golf Digest – Most Fun Golf Holes In America

Indulge in the sheer joy of golf at Brooksville Country Club’s picturesque course, where the essence of fun is seamlessly woven into every fairway and green. As you navigate the lush landscape, you’ll find a harmonious blend of challenge and enjoyment, making each swing a delightful adventure. The course design caters to golfers of all skill levels, offering an inviting environment for beginners and an exciting challenge for seasoned players.

 With well-manicured greens, strategically placed hazards, and a layout that encourages strategic thinking, Brooksville Country Club invites golf enthusiasts to revel in the sheer pleasure of the game amidst a backdrop of scenic beauty and camaraderie. Whether you’re aiming for par or simply savoring the social aspect of the sport, Brooksville Country Club promises an experience where the fun of golf takes center stage.

USF Hall of Fame:
Honoring Kelly Lagedrost

The USF Athletic Hall of Fame proudly inducted Kelly Lagedrost, a distinguished member of Brooksville Country Club, in their class of 2023. This honor is a testament to Lagedrost’s exceptional contributions to the sport of golf, both as a player and as a coach.

Deacon Palmer Award: Celebrating Tom Shea

Tom Shea’s excellence in the golf industry has been recognized by the NFPGA through the prestigious Deacon Palmer Award. This accolade highlights Shea’s dedication to the sport and his significant impact on the golf community, making him an invaluable asset to Brooksville Country Club.

Florida State Golf Association

Brooksville Country Club has been recognized by the Florida State Golf Association for our decades-long dedication to promoting and supporting men’s and women’s golf across Florida. Through hosting tournaments, cultivating junior programs, and maintaining exceptional course conditions, we strive to create outstanding golf experiences. This prestigious honor underscores our commitment to growing the game at every level.

Golf Digest – America’s Best 18 Holes Since 2000

Located just north of Tampa, Brooksville, Fla. is one of the country’s lesser-known golf hotbeds. You’ve probably heard of World Woods Golf Club, but there are a few other courses that make use of the area’s surprisingly hilly topography.

Top 250 reviewer for Golf Advisor LurkinRhino was pleasantly surprised with Brooksville Country Club . 

3rd time making the drive from Wesley Chapel to Brooksville to play here. Well worth the 40 minute trip. The staff was extremely friendly, got us out well ahead of our tee time. Pace of play was excellent. We played 36 holes on a Saturday in under 6 hours.”

The greens were perfect. Not a blemish on any of them and they rolled faster than most courses in the Tampa/Pasco area. Fairways looked to have been over seeded and are green and filing in nicely. Tee boxes were well maintained, with the exception of the cranes pecking the but not much you can do about them.. There are many tee boxes that they seem to alternate to so there’s always a nice one to play from.

The layout is great. The front 9 builds the excitement for the back. 10 and 11 slowly creep up hill then the sexiness starts. The split level fairway on 12 is very fun to play. Crazy elevation changes on the quarry holes will make you forget what part of the country you are in….

Well worth the drive and deserving of multiple rounds just to get familiar with the elevation changes and sloping greens on most of the holes.

Will definitely be back very soon.

Apr 19, 2016